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Marketing your home

Advanced Marketing of your Home

In order to sell your home for the highest price and as fast as possible, we go well beyond traditional real estate marketing. The days are long gone of a simple newspaper ad and a sign on your front yard. My tried true and tested formula works.

All of my client’s homes are listed on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Anyone at any time may view your home for sale on STATS:



There were 139,762.768 visits to which comparable to the number of books Canadians purchase or check out of the library each year.


Generated generated 4,668,000 emails connecting realtors and consumers. The exact number of meters you would travel on a road trip from Calgary, Alberta to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.



There were over 1.9 billion page views last year, close to the number of cups of coffee sold annually in North America by Tim Hortons.


Time Spent

Visitors to spent an average 10 minutes and 41 seconds on the site, just nine seconds less than it took the fastest participant in last April's CN Tower Climb to ascend the 1,776 steps to the observation deck.

Multimedia Advertising and Syndication

I advertise on over 50 different websites and a multitude of print and online media outlets.



Print and online magazines include: Toronto Life (online and print),Snapd (online and print), Pinterest, Realty Pin, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising,, (online and print), Caledon Enterprise (online and print), Burlington Post (online and print), Oakville Beaver (online and print), Toronto Sun(online and print), Toronto Star (online and print) and many more, all leading back to your homes personal “For Sale Web Page”.…

Specialty Brand

Associated Websites

Along with Century 21 who provides unparallel financial investment to make sure our brand appears before others on most online searches, I have two separate websites. This way we can utilize separate marketing strategies by accessing the brand power of Century 21 with Google search recognition. Through my Century 21 associated site, my affiliation with one of the worlds largest real estate firms, we make sure that your home is for sale globally in order to guarantee the maximum amount of exposure. In this day and age we source potential buyers from around the world. My Century 21 website allows buyers who speak different languages to contact me and no matter what country they are located, their message will automatically be translated to English and vise versa, allowing me to negotiate in any language with any Century 21 agent world wide.

With thousands of weekly hits and contacts, my personal network is just one more way we bring exposure to your home.

My own independent website focuses on a local demographic with more personal access allowing anyone to access my personal Twitter or Facebook account where you can follow my every day life and read through my real estate blogs to stay in touch with what is happening in your market place. With thousands of weekly hits and contacts, my personal network is just one more way we bring exposure to your home. Check in with my weekly column in The Oakville News where I inform our readers of weekly real estate trends and helpful tips for growing fruitful investments in real estate.

Extending your reach


Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.
Over 90% of buyers look at homes they’ve found on the Internet. It is critical that your home makes a strong first impression online.
Staging will help you do just that.
Sellers who spent $500 on staging recovered over 343% of the cost when they sold their home.


Once staging has been completed we have a professional photographer come and take high definition photographs of your home. Our photographers are trained to maximize the appeal of your home and living space with pictures that give the best first impression. Most preliminary research when searching for a home is done on the Internet and we make sure that from first site your property is going to be appealing and welcoming. We make sure to post all pictures taken of your home prior to listing your property. This way you will never see “NO PHOTO” on any of our listings. Professional pictures attract more buyers.


Through our partnership with iGuide we offer our clients the cutting edge mobile technology of interactive floor plans, which allow interested buyers to navigate their way through your floor plan at any time from any device. iGuide will shoot a 360 degree HDR panorama of every room, allowing viewers to zoom in on certain features and really get a sense of what your home has to offer. The guided tours take a viewer through the entire floor plan and allow the viewer at any time to change rooms at a click of a button - unlike you tube videos. Virtual tours are a great way to make your home stand out.


We personally inform neighborhoods with the most likely demographic that could support the sale of your home about your property being offered for sale. Person to person contact cuts out the calculated probability of reaching your target audience and guarantees the delivery of information to the intended recipient. Our sales team is dedicated to provide our full service and one of the most effective tools is person-to-person prospecting.
We stand behind our proven real estate marketing strategy and would love the opportunity to apply our experience and skill towards the sale of your home and begin a relationship with you to earn your trust.

Dedicated URL
Property Website

Your property will be given its own unique domain (For example Your homes website will contain all marketing tools we provide such as the guided tour, professional photography, access to property feature sheet and a link to book viewing appointments. We make sure that all of our mass media marketing tools and techniques as diverse as they are, all point back to one place- your homes personalized website. This way we make a complicated web of advertising simplified into one location. All advertising will lead to your home.