Community - Brandon Jones Sales


"Oakville is my home." Brandon Jones was born and raised here, playing hockey in the historic local arenas. He spent countless hours skating on the frozen pier downtown... while spending the summer months exploring Bronte Provincial Park. In his teens, he and his family moved to Burlington where he attended Nelson High School.

Brandon purchased his first home in Burlington a few short months before moving to Toronto, finally residing back in Oakville where he considers home. Jones has a background in real estate development and construction giving him an in-depth understanding of Halton real estate. He also has the upper hand in property management: ranging from country hobby farms, to Oakville lakeside luxury homes.

"I love my community and have always been taught the importance of giving back."

For many years now Brandon has played an active part in organizing and participating in the Oakville Santa Clause parade. Also taking part in the fire prevention kick-off and the charity car wash on behalf of the Oakville Fire Fighters.

The United Way Oakville has allowed Brandon to be apart of affecting positive change in his community. He is an active volunteer with GenNext® which encourages people in their 20s and 30s to become involved with United Way—to get a better understanding of the issues that confront people in our city, to actively connect with and contribute to the community, and to influence positive change through meaningful volunteering and giving opportunities.

"I enjoy the time I have spent with the United Way Oakville and the relationships I have established. The foundations I now have through participating with GenNext® has encouraged me to effect change in my community."

Brandon strongly believes in the youth voting initiative and volunteers his time to encouraging his peers to exercise their right by making their vote count.  In 2014 Brandon Jones ran for Halton District School Board Public Trustee in Ward 3 of Oakville.  He received 30% of the vote, and was quite proud of his first venture into politics. He addressed the issue of student debt and the Province of Ontario's massive deficit.  Irresponsible spending is a national crisis among our youth as personal debt and government debt rise to an all time high in North America.  By running in the municipal election Jones raised awareness of fiscal literacy in our curriculum or lack there of.

Brandon Jones continues to work to affect change in our government’s educational standards by lobbying for personal finance to be taught extensively to high school students.

Personal finance should be taught to all students before the end of high school.